Us travel girls

I’m jumping on the bandwagon on this one, and I’m sure there have been many rebutting articles in response to Don’t date a girl who travels, but I thought I’d add to the hype by saying one thing… do whatever the heck you want.

Now I don’t necessarily agree with the pessimistically driven, obviously satirical (& quite funny) article, as I travel, I travel a lot.. and hey, I am few of the things the author listed, but I really hope that’s why people would date girls that travel. As all of these viral ‘lists’ and articles are trending, I guess it was written solely as a means to gain global attention, whether good or bad, but either way, it is a good read.

Now if you’re after a materialistic, closed-minded girl that’s totally fine – but unfortunately (or not) us travel girls don’t want you either *tear*. See, we have our own type of dream guy who generally mirrors our likes, dislikes, curiosities & wild ambitions; someone who appreciates our love for exploration. It’s true, my skin is far from fair like it once was, I do make money from working in the creative industry, and I’m way too busy living in the present.

Though I can’t quite get past the opening line: ‘Don’t date a girl who travels, she is hard to please.’ Now I get what she’s saying, my soul does crave for new experiences and adventures, though us girls who travel are the most laid-back girls you’ll meet. We’re just as happy for you to take us down the road to get some ice-cream, than buy us a pricey gift.

You’re right, us travel girls won’t pay $100 to see ‘Avicii’, but we will save that money to pay $1000 for a 3 day ticket to one of the biggest music festivals in the world (yes, I did). Why see only Avicii, right?? Sorry, but us travel girls do love our nightlife & events, whether it be chillin’ in a local bar, or saving to attend the best of the best. We’re versatile. We’re happy to do anything if it expands our minds and cultural experiences.

Speaking about versatility, this is us travel girls’ key to life. From sleeping on aeroplanes, hostel rooms, and even extremely fancy hotels, to spending lots of $$ on different cuisines, museums, historical site entrances and adventurous activities, we love giving everything a go, even if it is way out of our comfort zone.

But the thing I like most about us travel girls is that we don’t judge. If you want to be the type of person to save your money, purchase designer bags, or even a new Audi R8 (hey, even I want one), go for it! I will admit, deep inside we do feel for those who lack good ol’ travel in their lives, but either way it’s none of our business. As long as you’re happy with your own life, and as long as your life decisions don’t impact ours then we really couldn’t care.

Put simply, if you don’t want to date a girl that travels, that’s perfectly fine.. don’t.


2 thoughts on “Us travel girls

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